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Wishing Well
Money raised from our Wishing Well supports our projects locally and overseas.  Currently we are supporting:

Kids Out, Shelter Box and Polio Eradication

                Kids Out - the Rotary Clubs in the East Midlands take over a thousand disadvanted children to Wicksteed Park for a day, providing them a day of fun, enjoyment and friendship that many will not experience in normal life.  See more.
Kids Out  Kids Out Kids Out

                Shelter Box -
Rotary's Shelter Box charity sent 10,000 boxes of life's essentials to Haiti following the recent earthquake disaster.  The boxes include a tent for a family of 10, warm blankets, cooking equipment, basic tools, and even a few toys for the children.  See more.
Shelter Box Shelter Box

                Polio Eradication -
since 1985 Rotary has being working with WHO and other organisations to eradicate polio from the world.  Since then the number of cases has reduced from 1,000 per day to 1,000 per year.  The disease is now endemic in only 3 countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.  We will live up to Rotary's promise to free the children of the world from the threat of polio.  See more.
Polio Polio  Polio  

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