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July 2006 - June 2007
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In this section are held items that appeared on the Nws page of the web site during Ben Abbott's year as President, largely relating to club events and activities.


Rotary Centenary Benches

In partnership with the Melton Highways Development Forum (chairman Peter Roffey, pictured below in the second picture), we are proud to have helped with another step in the modernisation of the town centre. On 13th July 2006 the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray presented two magnificent benches to the town, to complete the refurbishment of High Street. These are in commemoration of the centenary of Rotary Service above Self, and are the culmination of a project started by the then President of Melton Mowbray Rotary Club, Tony Rifugiato. Also sharing the bench in the last photo with Tony (at the right) are the current President Ben Abbott and immediate past President David Morris.

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Hospital and Computer Equipment arrives in Philippines

The equipment we shipped to the Philippines has arrived and been distributed. The following e-mail from Jun Fererros, the Philippines District Foundation Chairman explains all:

The hospital equipment that Southern Leyte needed were shipped on August 14 on the boat bound for Bato, Southern Leyte. It was the last trip of Samar Star, the only shipping line that called on that port before the boat was drydocked.

The rest were distributed to Cordova, a 5th class municipality that didn't have a hospital at all. The town had a high rate of maternal and infant mortality, if not the highest among Metro Cebu towns for lack of properly equipped maternity clinics. With the equipment the town was able to upgrade its barangay health clinics and improve its capabilities for maternal and child health care.

We were also able to upgrade and expand the clinic for the elderly run by the nuns from UK with the rehab equipment that you shipped.

We are still completing the testing and repairs of the computers before we dispatch them, although 5 units have already been delivered to the Non Formal Learning Center run by the nuns in the Port Area where we have set up " Hole in the Wall" computer learning centers for the education of the street children. Many of these kids who are in their early teens have not had a chance to step into formal classrooms because of the lack of birth certificates, a basic requirement for enrollment in public schools.

Except for some minor problems, all of the equipment and goods received were in good order. I was present when the container was opened and unloaded at the warehouse. I brought the 3 boxes containing the software with me to personally check their contents at home that very day.

All in all the beneficiaries were all very happy to have received their goods and have asked me to thank you for it. Everybody went crazy over the bikes and I had to allocate them. Priority went to the mothers who were in charge of the feeding program so they could move around. They are feeding 1,300 kids daily in 10 locations in the Port Area.

Once again thank you for your help. JUN

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Report and thanks from Hope and Homes for Children

Please find below a letter of thanks and a report on current activities from Hope and Homes for Children. To remind you, we as a club donated 1000 to this charity last year.

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Latest News from RC of Tagbilaran, Dave Collins on 19th August 06. See the e-mail from David Collins below:

Dear John,

Below is a progress report on Matching Grant 58632:

You will be surprised when you see what you guys have accomplished, when you visit our little island on your planned visit [in January 2007].

In conclusion, the two most time consuming and difficult portions of your Matching grant have been completed, Composting CR and Water collection system. You can expect the balance of the MG to be completed on time and within budget.

Regards, Dave and Baby.

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Report and thanks from the Philippines

We have received (3rd Sept 06) the following emails and pictures from District 3860 in the Philippines, recording the arrival and thanks for the hospital and computing equipment and the bikes donated by our club:

The annual Governor's Visit to RC Mandaue East last August 24, 2006 was unique. He held our club assembly at the project site in Cordova Island where we had DG Fernando Almeda Jr. witness the signing of the Deed of Donation.

Pictures: 1:From left to right Cordova Mayor Arleigh Sitoy, Club President Rico Rentuza, Dr. Cristopher Calimbas Cordova Health Officer, DG Fernando Almeda Jr.. At the back are the members of the club and the district officers accompanying the governor. Pictures 2 & 3 show the group inspecting the goods at the Municipal Health Office.

SSHJM or the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are conducting community based Programs for the Poor Families in Cebu City's depressed areas. The program consists of Non Formal Education for street children and working children, Educational Assistance to keep children in school - it takes only US$ 25 a year to keep a child in a public school, livelihood training and assistance for families with a family income of less than US$ 2 a day,Weekly medical clinics for those who have no access to medical care, PT/OT for the elderly and the diasbled. The biggest program is the daily feeding 1,300 of the slum children, which is an incentive for them to attend classes. 95% of the kids were found malnourished and underweight when the program started, now the underweight rate hovers at around 35-40%. For every child taken out of the program because of his attainment of the desired weight levels, around 3 kids would take his or her place.

Some computers were donated to expand the "Hole in The Wall Computer Center set up for the non- formal learning of the street children, the bikes went to the mothers preparing the food for the feeding program so they could be mobile in serving the 10 sites where the non formal learning and the feeding were being conducted, some beds and the rehab equipment were also donated to them so they could expand the PT/OTclinics servicing the elderly and the disabled.

Pictures: 1 a- At the center beside President Rico is Sister Maria Holly who is the coordinator of the Child Protection Program of the Mission. She hails from London. Picture 1 b and 1 c show the software being delivered. There are only 4 nuns from the UK working on the program.

Once again, please thank the members of RC Melton Mowbray for their gifts which will go a long way in helping the kids and their families survive the misery of poverty. The gifts have given them hope. And to you John thank you for leading the way . JUN

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Progress Report on Matching Grant in the Philippines

We have received (12th September 2006) the following emails and pictures from David Collins, reporting on the progress on spending our matching grant providing education and livelihood support on Bohol.

The new Kitchen for the rebuilt Doljo Elementary School, Home Economics Building, is moving along nicely. Attached are some pictures of the progress. New Stainless Steel top, glass backsplash, electric ignition range , by Whirlpool. New very high efficiency Panasonic Refrigerator. It has an EER 252. This is the highest energy efficiency rating (EER) we have seen in the Philippines. Initial purchase of kitchenware so that Mrs. Lepon can begin classes this week.

Mrs. Lepon, is not only a great teacher, but she is an excellent chef. She is so very thankful for the kitchen, and cannot wait to start teaching the students the art of cooking. She has much to share, in the line of cooking with the students. To my knowledge, this is the only elementary school in the country with a fully equipped Home Economic training center. The appliances are the latest design and were just received by BQ last week. The kitchen will be completed shortly.

We hope that you will happy with your investment, when you arrive here in January We have already installed the solid steel doors and window grates, to protect your investment. The Range exhaust hood has also been installed, to remove heat and smoke during cooking. We are currently installing electrical outlets in the kitchen. The Kitchen will be utilized on the weekends to train disadvantaged women and out of school youth, commercial cooking classes.


Regards, Dave and Baby Collins RC Tagbilaran

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Barangay clinics established with Melton hospital equipment

We have received, September 2006, the following email from Jun Ferreros, Foundation grants chairman in District 3860, acknowledging our donation of the hospital equipment from the War Memorial hospital and with a little news about where it has gone.

Hi John,

Over the past 2 weeks we have been been honored by the victims and evacuees affected by the landslide victims in Southern Leyte. Rotary has been the top of mind recall among all organizations helping the victims recover from the tragedy.

Attached is a plaque we received on your behalf. With the hospital equipment, we were able to establish the Barangay Clinics in 8 of the 15 barangays in St. Bernard. These barangay clinics serve as field hospitals to service the medical needs of the landslide victims and the people relocated from their farms and homes because of the danger of more landslides.

Also attached are the pictures of a thanksgiving ceremony that the people of the new Guinsaugon Village- the old one has been totally decimated by the landslide with 80% of its population still missing and presumed dead.

Your award comes from Advocacy for Transparency and Honesty Inc, ( ATHena) an NGO set up by the people of St. Bernard to ensure that donations are protected and received by the victims and evacuees of the tragedy. ATHena is named after Athena Letigio the nurse in charge of the rural health program in St. Bernard. She died during the tragedy while she was conducting a seminar for Mothers at the Guinsaugon Elementary School. She could have run and saved her skin but she opted to remain trying to save some 200 kids who were having classes when the mountain fell.

Athena was well loved in the town because of her dedication to her work. She could have migrated and earn more working outside the country but she decided to stay in rural Southern Leyte despite the low salary of a government employed nurse. He favorite answer was- everybody in the health sector, doctors, nurses, nursing aide, is leaving, who will take care of the aged, the sick and the children in the mountain barangays if I go? She even refused to work in Cebu where the private hospitals can give her a much better salary.

Best regards JUN

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Drought and famine relief in the Philippines

The following are some photos of the recent efforts to feed the children in Casate, on Bohol, badly affected by drought. The bags are "bundles of joy" - packets of rice and other staple foodstuffs, distributed one per family by the Rotary club helped by local school children. Some of our Matching Grant money has gone to providing worming drugs for the children, to aid in their nutrition and health.

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Report from Tagbilaran, Nov 06

Dear John and the members of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.

We have attached a few pictures to show you the progress completed:

1. Composting Dry Toilet is in service and is serving the needs of 400 students at Bantonilao High School. (Medical Doctors from Sydney).

2. The rain collection system is completed. It consists of 400 feet of Gutter and a 3750 gallon concrete storage tank. Thanks to a grant from Australia a four stage filter system will be installed shortly which will complete the system for safe drinking water for the high school students. We are happy to announce that there are now three MGs in the works to provide water collection system/ filters in 4 more schools. Installed costs for the system is P170,000.00 for the tank and gutters and P130,000.00 for the four stage filter system We are now developing a proto-type biosand filter for the numerous homes which have no access to safe drinking water. Once we have proven working model we will be making an announcement.

3. We have purchased Medicine for Bandolinao Medical mission, and Corella which was conducted last week. Many indigent villagers and students were served.

We are thankful for the cooperation and spirit of Rotary we have received in making a difference in the lives of so many indigent villagers in Bohol.

Regards, Dave and Baby.

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Luhimba Project

During 2001 to 2006 the Melton Rotary Club supported a township in Tanzania to develop its school and vocational training facilities. We raised 2,000 towards re-roofing their school building in year 2001-02. The following year we sponsored about 2,000-worth of carpentry tools for their training workshops.

For the year 2004-05 we supported a project to provide solar-panel driven water pumps in Luhimba. This project is on-going through 2005-06 and was completed in late 2006.

Luhimba, Tanzania Solar Panels project completed

The project to install solar electric panels at the Nguluma secondary school in Luhimba Songea, Tanzania has been completed. A few photos of the finished project show the impressive results. The electrical output will be used to power a ring well to provide drinking water for the school and village.


 More details of the project can be seen on the Luhimba Project's own web site.

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Rotary and Interact Christmas trees at Melton Church display

Among the 239 Christmas trees on display at St. Mary's Church Festival in early December 2006 were trees from the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray and from the Melton Interact Club.

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News from the Philippines

The following e mail has been received from David Collins (03 Jan 2007)

Dear John, and Members 

We would like to report the current year end, status of the Habitat for Humanity Bohol, and Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray UK joint venture for building low cost shelters. 

To Date the following Home Kits have been delivered 

# 56 Rosalina Anor and Husband family of 8 Home is completed 
# 57 Maryann and Merish Fudot family of 8 Home is completed 
# 58 Diling & Candelario Tanlon Family of 11 Home is completed
# 62 Vincenta & Victoria Guimalan family of 6 Home is nearly completed. 
# 63 Dionisia Detchasa Widow with 12 year old son. Home is completed. 
# 64 Restito & Mearivic Fudolin family of 8 . Home is in construction. 
#65 Vidal & Abondia Clemen Age 68 and 65 Respectively Home is in construction. 

Initial Balance------------------------------------ P240,000.00 
7 home kits @ P15,000.00 each ------------P105,000.00 

We will continue to offer home kits to needy families until the fund is exhausted.

Dave Collins Village Aide Project Administrator.

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Club Visit to the Philippines, January 2007

John Dehnel and Joe Carrington visited the Philippines in January 2007 and spent some time reviewing existing projects and discussing potential future projects in District 3860, Cebu and Bohol.

We visited Batonilao school, where our matching grant funds have supported the installation of a rain water collection system.

- this could be a case of "Who needs rain water collection!"

A project underway with an Australian club will add bio-filters to the water system to provide safe drinking water for this rural community.

The school also now boasts a hygienic toliet block.

In Doljo we saw several of the rural houses which have been built, and the materials for one to be built in the following week. The costs of these are supported 50% by the 900 we sent to the Habitat for Humanity project.

The second phase of our time there was spent reviewing potential projects for the future. Disappointingly, the pilot module for seaweed farming in Panglao Bay, as a vocational development for subsistence fishermen in Doljo and Danao, had not started. This is an important step in establishing the viability of seaweed farming on a larger scale in the bay. We anticipate this will start now in March.

We decided not to pursue the idea of a 3-H grant for developing seaweed farming and associated health and education projects.

We did identify a need for a hospital about 100km south of Cebu City, in a town called Boljoon. We discussed helping them equip the hospital in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Mandaue North. The local people have had some land donated by a local benefactor, and there are a couple of possible sources for a suitable building. We are planning to include this idea in our list of projects for support in Rotary year 2007-08.

While there we met the Rotarians from St. Bernard on Leyte, the district where the St. Mary's hospital equipment was shipped to relieve some of the suffering after the mud slide 12 months ago. There was enormous appreciation for what we sent. The hospital beds especially had been, literally, life-savers. They estimate that at least 12 lives have been saved, mainly in the maternity ward, where women have had proper beds to lie on during difficult labours. We were presented with a certificate of appreciation to the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray and Rotary International:

We thank Rotary Foundation for supporting the costs of this visit. It enabled a thorough and useful evaluation of the potential for future projects, and ensured that the funds spent in the future will be of real benefit to the poorer citizens of the area visited.

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Cake Baking - a nice parallel with Interact Project

Our recent matching grant paid for teaching food preparation and cooking skills at Doljo Elementary School on Bohol, Philippines. The result is a nice parallel with the project that the Interact club at King Edward VII school in Melton Mowbray is starting - preparing and selling cakes at Melton Market. A very similar activity is happenning, with no prompting, 9000 miles away. See Dave Collins' email and pictures below:

Dear John

There are programs in our joint venture to help the poor improve themselves that are spectacular successes. Your club outfitted the Doljo Elementary School with a complete kitchen, so that the 5th and 6th grade children , ages eleven and twelve, could learn to cook.

With your investment the school children landed their first commercial order. It was for twelve dozen Torta (a Philippine Cake Delicacy). They were paid P19 each [about 20pence] which is the going rate for the same product in the bakery in Tagbilaran. The sale grossed P2,736.00 They have started a ledger in which the teacher will invest this money to perpetuate the bakery. This seed money will be used to continue teaching the children how to cook other commercially viable products, while maintaining a self sustaining balance. The customer was so impressed with the taste,that they plan to place more orders. This will provide the children new opportunities to sharpen their culinary skills. The children gain skills, self esteem and confidence while learning a trade. Fortunately for me, and a few other lucky tasters, they cooked a few extra Tortas. The taste and texture of their produce rivaled the so called professionals in town.

During the recent Scout Camp-O-Rama, these students provided hot meals to over 400 campers. Utilizing the new kitchen, the students did all the cooking of the weekend. Cooking five hot meals for 400 hungry scouts is a daunting task even for professional caterers. But the student/scouts,completed their assignments with flying colors, while earning a cooking merit badge.

These students are now cooking breakfast every morning for 109 fellow students who are coming to school without breakfast and are underweight by Philippine standards. The cost of the food for this feeding program is in cooperation with Village Aide Program.

Once again, it gives us great pleasure to announce our mutual success and to thank your members for the investment in the future of the Scout students of Doljo Elementary School.

Regards, David Collins

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Presentation to STEPS

Rotarians Ben Abbott (President) and Richard Haines (Chairman Community and Vocational committee) presented a cheque for 1900 to Mrs. Heather Crate, a trustee of the STEPS Charity, on 5th February 2007. The monies were raised at a Rotary Charity Summer Ball held on the 8th July 2006 at Brooksby Hall Melton Mowbray.

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Presentation of Gap Year Bursary to George Marriott

The Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray Gap year Bursary for 2007 has been awarded to George Marriott of Frisby on the Wreake. George is a pupil at Ratcliffe College and is currently completing his A level studies.

He has been accepted by Raleigh International to be part of an expedition to Costa Rica and Nicaragua which will take place in October 2007, and has already carried out several fund raising activities. During the expedition he will be involved in community based projects in Nicaragua such as helping to improve water supplies and work in the local schools.

The Gap Year Bursary is designed to assist young adults from the Melton area to participate in humanitarian voluntary projects in an under-developed part of the world.

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Presentation of Certificate from Leyte - Hospital Equipment

The picture shows International Chairman John Dehnel presenting the President of the RC of Melton Mowbray with a certificate thanking the club for the donation of the hospital equipment to the San Bernadino area. Four of us went out to the Philippines again in January, where we met the people from the area where the hospital equipment all went - Guinsaugon in Leyte. They were delighted with the equipment, especially the hospital beds. They reckon that our equipment has saved more than a dozen lives, mainly in the maternity ward where the women have proper beds and equipment during the more difficult labours. They presented the certificate of appreciation to the club during our visit.

Thank you again to the staff at the PCT and the Melton hospitals, to the staff at PP Removals, to K-Line shipping, and to all the Rotarians who helped make this project a reality.

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Computers installed in Doljo School, Philippines

Our matching grant with Tagbilaran Rotary Club in Bohol included some money to purchase a few computers for Doljo Elementary School. These have now been installed, as the email and pictures from Rotarian Dave Collins show.

"Dear John, It gives me pleasure to report that the new computers are so popular with the children, that the teacher is conducting classes on Saturday so that more students have an opportunity to learn.

"Attached are 3 pictures which shows the Saturday Class.

"Once again, thank you Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray for investing in the future of children of Doljo Elementary School, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

"Regards Dave Collins"

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Dick Turpin shooting

The annual small bore shooting competition between the Rotary Clubs of Melton Mowbray and Rutland was held at the Melton Rifle Club on 6th March 2007. The Melton Rotary Club retained the trophy for the sixth consecutive year. Congratulations to Joe Carrington for gaining the highest score for the Melton club

.Dick Turpin presentation

Thanks to David Ward for the organisation of a splendid evening, and to the Melton Rifle Club for their hospitality and invaluable help and advice with the shooting.  Thanks also to Rex Barber for presenting the trophies.

The scores were as follows:

Joe Carrington
2007 CHAMPION 97 91 188    
Duncan Manderson
  85 94 179  
Jim Green
  92 86 178  
David Ward
  84 85 169  
John Dehnel
  94 72 166  
Tony Lord
  74 86 160  
Mike Powderley
  76 83 159  
Phil Bendall
  85 70 155  
Bob McCord
  70 82 152  
Keith Hallam
  67 63 130    
TOTALS     824 812 1636 163.6
Richard Simmons
  94 95 189
Anthony Aylward
  91 93 184
Adrian Palmer
  85 93 178
Peter Knight
  98 77 175
Tim Griffin
Club President  77 85 162
Malcolm Mann
  69 78 147
Fred Bellinghall
  85 36 121
Bruce Strickland
  50 54 104
TOTALS     649 611 1260 157.5
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Rotarian of the Year

At the Melton Rotary Club's Charter Night on the 12th March 2007 Rotarian Philip Bendall was presented with the award of "Rotarian of the Year" by President Ben Abbott in recognition of the committed work that Phil has done since joining the club in supporting its activities, especially the development of the Interact Club.

He is seen here being presented the club trophy by District Governor Richard Hyde.

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Vulcan to the Sky - visit to Bruntingthorpe

On the 26th March 2007 members of the Rotary Club visited the "Vulcan to the Sky" project at Bruntingthorpe airfield south of Leicester. The visit, organised by the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians (IFFR), was to see the project where Vulcan XH558 is being restored to flying condition. It is planned that it will have its flight tests completed in time to take part in the fly-past over Buckingham Palace in May commemorating the end of the Falklands War in which Vulcans played such a decisive part.  The airfield also hosts a display of other military and civilian historic aircraft.  In the last of the photos Rotarian Bill Glancy is seen paying homage to the Victor tanker aircraft.


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Visit to St Bernard, Philippines - Mud Slide disaster area

During April 2007 John Dehnel had the opportunity to visit the area in south Leyte, Philippines where the tragic mudslide occurred in February 2006.  

The area of the devastation, in which 1200 people died in minutes, was the village of Guinsaugon and the surrounding farm land.  The village was on the alluvial plain below some steep mountain sides - an apparently idyllic area of paddy fields and peaceful farm land.
Paddy fields Guinsaugon5

Until, that is, you look at the mountainside in the second picture a little more carefully: half of it isn't there.  The valley down the mountainside in the centre of the picture was created in a matter of minutes when relentless rain over a couple of weeks created a temporary lake at the top of the mountain.  Whether, as some reports say, a minor earthquake then caused this to overflow is uncertain, but whatever triggered the flood it brought down a torrent of water, mud, and rock onto the valley below.  And, right in the path of this avalanche stood the village of Guinsaugon.
The wider perspective picture below shows what remains of the village - three houses.  And one of those had been swept 500 metres from its original site by the power of the mud slide.


Every other house, school, health centre, all the roads and paths, all other structures were completely obliterated. The district maternity nurse was visiting, and decided to stay over-night in the village.  The local doctor's wife was in the village for the day.  Apart from one boy who was off sick, the children were all in school, .  They were among the 1200 people who died in minutes.  It seemed that everyone we spoke to all through our visit had lost close relatives.

The local support services were completely overwhelmed.  No-one knew where to search - all the landmarks had gone.  Where was the school? "Along that road, just past the kids' play are, by those big trees - oh, no, they've all gone too".  Only a tiny proportion of the bodies have been recovered.  The village is no more, and the whole valley has been declared unsafe to live or work in.

There are other villages a little further along the valley.  And the people who did escape the mud slide still need to live and earn a living somewhere.  The municipality of St. Bernard is attempting to establish homes and livelihood for the displaced villagers.  Temporarily (though it is now over one year on) some are housed in shelters built on the playground of the school in St. Bernard:

New-Guinsaugon-village-3 New-Guinsaugon-village-school

A complete new village is being built, with a combination of aid money from overseas countries and various charities such as the Red Cross,
though this in itself creates tensions as the village is having to be built on land previously used by others.  And where will the displaced families earn their livings?  It is too dangerous to farm the land where they used to do so - my expectation is that they will end up taking the risk and going back to their previous lands.  There are just so many issues that arise out of such disasters.

The Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray has been able to help, albeit in only a small way in the perspective of the scale of the problem.  It so happened that some surplus hospital equipment from the Ankle Hill hospital in Melton was being assembled for shipment to Cebu at the time the mud slide happened.  When the equipment arrived in the Philippines the local Rotary District officer, Jun Ferreros, asked that some of the equipment be diverted to the St. Bernard area.  This was arranged in conjunction with local Rotary clubs, particularly by Rico Rentuza, a Rotarian in living and working in Cebu, but who was born in St. Bernard and had lost several friends and relatives when the tragedy occurred. The equipment sent to the St. Bernard area was primarily many of the hospital beds, which were distributed around the barangay (village) health centres.  I had the opportunity to see a number of these health centres:
The health centre in the new village: Barangay-health-centre-3 Barangay-health-centre-4
The health centre in the temporary village on the school  playground: Barangay-health-centre-9 Barangay-health-centre-8
Health centres in nearby villages: Barangay-health-centre-14 Barangay-health-centre-12
The gratitude of the local people to what seems to us a small contribution was overwhelming.  And their needs remain enormous.

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Uses for Melton Bicycles in the Philippines

We received the following email and pictures from Jun Ferreros, District Grants chairman in District 3670:

As promised I am sending you the pictures of what we did with the bikes you sent us. It was a means of transport for some kids. Specially the special kids and the disabled. attending our PT/OT clinics.

It was also used to transport food 

Thanks JUN


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Young Musician Final, 2007

The final of Rotary District 1070's Young Musician of the Year Festival took place on the 29th April at the Melton Theatre. The audience was treated to a feast of good music across the age ranges, with all the musicians performing showing amazing talent.

Entrants each played in front of an audience numbering up to 360.  They each performed two pieces of varied style, and of a length depending on their age group (Junior 4 minutes, Intermediate 6 minutes, and Senior 8 minutes). They were judged by expert adjudicator Roy Abbey. When the results were announced the Melton Mowbray Rotary Clubs, who staffed much of the event, were delighted that several Melton entrants did extremely well:

Jessica Ibbotson won the title of overall winner of the vocalist of the year:


Georgina Roberts was the winner of the intermediate age group vocalists:


The trio of clarinetists "Trilogy" - Erika Palmer, Gina Roy, and Sara Hall - won the overall ensemble prize:


Other participants from Melton who performed well, and had got to the final by winning tough local club heats and semi-finals, were:

Gaddesby Primary school (unior choir) and Rebekkah North (junior vocal):

GaddesbyPS   North.

The contestants are pictured being presented with their trophies and certificates by Rotary District Governor Richard Hyde and ,with Jessica, Mayor of Melton, Clr. Ron Marks.

Thanks are owed to the organisers led by Linda May, and especially to local music teacher Sheila Aston.

Congratulations to all the performers, and thank you for a wonderful day's music.

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Cookery Classes in Bohol

The club received the following email on 2nd May 2007 from David Collins to thank us for the cookery equipment for vocational training for women in the local village:

Thank you Members of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray 

Summer Classes in Cooking at new Home Economics Training Center

Thanks to  Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray MG # 58632, which provided a new Kitchen and a budget for classes in commercial cooking. 

The students cooked up a batch of sample cakes just before the annual Fiesta in local towns around Doljo.  Then they asked for orders for Torta, a traditional cake. 

The students secured over a dozen orders for Tortas. They made enough money to cover the expenses and to purchase other food stocks to expand their training menu. This reduced the cost of the program, while expanding the experience.  

What we liked about this initiative was that they gained commercial experience and confidence in their ability to produce a quality product at a competitive price. 

As the official taster, I can say that the Torta was as good, or better, than any  product available from the bakeries in Tagbilaran. 

 Regards, Dave Collins RC Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines

Cakes  Cakes

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Stroke Awareness Day

On 28th April the two Rotary Clubs of Melton Mowbray organised a day to promote awareness of the risks of people suffering a stroke due to high blood pressure.  With nurses from the local hospital and Latham House medical practice doing the blood pressure testing (and thank you to them for their support), we invited members of the public in town on the Saturday to have their blood pressure checked.

Of the 228 people tested, 157 had blood pressures in a normal range, 64 were advised they should contact their doctor within the next 30 days and 7 told that their blood pressure was so high that they should contact their doctor at the earliest opportunity (ie: Monday morning!).
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Old Warden Airshow - flying visit

On the 6th May 2007 4 members of the Rotary Club visited the Shuttleworth Collection's spring air display at Old Warden near Biggleswade.  A superb variety of planes and land vehicles from the collection were on show, with 24 historic planes flying during the day.  Many of these were the only examples of that particular aircraft still in flying condition.


Despite the gusty winds and threatened rain, the show was a great success and much enjoyed by our club members who attended.

SMartlet  Dakota

The wing-walking display by Team Guinot was quite an experience:
TG1  TG2

 and was the only one that got some Rotarians to their feet:

TG3  TG4

The visit to the event was organised by the International Federation of Flying Rotarians.

Members are all Rotarians with an interest in flying - not necessarily pilots themselves.  Anyone who is interested in joining or in taking part in future flying visits with the Melton Rotary Club, please contact IFFR or talk to John Dehnel.
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Sri Lanka Tsunami - Book Appeal

On the 11th June 2007 three members of the Rotary Club of Kandy visited the Melton club's meeting and spoke movingly about the impacts of the tsunami on Sri Lanka and other south Asian countries on Boxing Day, 2004. The speakers, M Niyaz (President), Carl Kelaart (procurement officer) and Sabry Abuthahir recent past-president of the Rotaract club) told us of their on-going efforts on behalf of the tsunami victims.

They have characterised the areas of their support into three groups:
Back to the Sea - provision of 19ft.fibre glass sea going fishing boats fitted with a 15 HP kerosene motor and a set of nets at a cost of US$3,750 each.
Housing Programme - Tsunami Damaged houses are being built under this program for the homeless.
School re-awaken - Help rebuilding a tsunami affected school in the East coast of Sri Lanka, one of the worst affected areas.
More information can be seen on the Kandy club's web site at

They appealed to the club to help collect reading books, for all ages of children (4 to 18 years), to re-stock school shelves across the country. This appeal is being supported by the RC of Stamford; all books we can collect in Melton will be passed on to RC of Stamford to add to the 2 tons of books they have already collected and then shipped to Kandy to support their work.

Members of the Melton Rotary Club are asked to bring whatever children's reading books they can to the remaining club meetings in June. Richard Fisher will coordinate the collection and transport to Stamford, with Tony Lord's help. Please contact Richard or Tony if you have books you'd like collected rather than bringing them to the club.

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