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This section of the web site contains information only for the members of the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.

Please click on the links below to go to the information you may want:

Notes from club meetings: Club Council, committee meetings, club assemblies and AGMs

Minutes from District Council Meetings

List of committee members for 2019-2020

Members' phone numbers and email addresses - See the District membership handbook, go to the on-line membership database at (you'll need your My Rotary password - the club secretary can help with that), or ask the club secretary.

Reference Guide for Members

Form for club income and expenses

Club Visioning Review by Graham Bett, August 2016

Advertising template - for use as a guide on what to include in any advertising leaflets, flyers or posters that you produce for your upcoming event.  It's in Word format, so simply open it, amend it as much as you wish, and save it to your own computer for printing or distribution.  It is recommended you keep at least some of the Rotary Wheel logos, the general message about where the funds go, the club's web site address, and the club charity number.  We recommend you do not say money goes to "Rotary Charities" - the only Rotary charity is The Rotary Foundation.  Use the phrase "Charities supported by Rotary" if that is appropriate.  If you are writing other press releases or publicity material please be sure to reference the proper name of the club and the web site address.  It is a Charities Commission requirement to show the charity number on any documentation seeking funds for our charitable account.

Link to District Database
 - You will need a user name and password to use some of the functions on this - available from the club secretary.

Club Policies for: Equality and Diversity, Health and SafetyChild Protection, Vulnerable Adult Protection, Dignity Policy.

Risk Assessment
: pro forma risk assessment form

District Standing Orders

RIBI Insurance Details, Events guidance notes

Leave of Absence and Excused Absence Policy
and Guidelines

Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray logos:  Click on the logo to open a copy to save to your computer:
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